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In this episode I will talk about Samhain and the Day of the Dead practiced in Latin America and Mexico.  The main topic in this show is spirits, what are they, how do you work with them and my opinions about all this.

The opening song is "O Death" by the great Ralph Stanley

The closing song is "Fear Not" from the album State of Grace II


Here it is finally, the long awaited ghost show!  My guests are Oni, Golden Bird Rising, Ivaldi and your listener stories.  Tune in for some creepy stories and ghostly tales.


Oni and I catch you folks up on what's going on in our lives plus Mabon, fall and the coming change of Winter.  No music or editing in this show as we recorded at 11pm right before going on vacation.  I hope the sound quality is good enough.


In this episode I talk about the idea of worth and value and why I think Americans may have a skewed concept of worth.  I talk about Oni and my ideas about worth and propose a new way to think about it.  Also I review a book called "Paganism: An introduction to earth centered religions" by Joyce & River Higginbotham.

The music comes from the CD Putumayo presents Africa


In this episode I talk about my own magical/spiritual training and how I developed my own path.  Also I begin my series of interviews with people how are forging their own unique Pagan path, a series I call "Pagan Voices".  My friend Golden Bird Rising joins me for this first interview, I did not do a very good job on this interview and constuctive suggestions are welcome.

The music today is from Putumayo Presents Sahara Lounge

The opening song is "Shiraz" by Sharif

The closing song is "Fly" by Ilhan Ersahin


In this episode I update you on what has happened with me since show #10.  I talk about the failure of courtesy in online communication and share some thoughts on spiritual change.  Check out my new group on Paganspace called "Pagan Spirituality Today".

Today's music is from "Putumayo Presents Women of the World Celtic II"

Opening song is "The Drunken Piper" by Natalie MacMaster

Closing song is "Home again in Eireann" by Sharon Murphy


In this episode I tell you about my path, where I came from, some of my early experiences and generally more about me.  However I am not alone, I have 3 of my bestest friends with me (Oni, Golden Bird Rising and Ivaldi) and they share their own stories too.

The music for this show comes from the album "Putumayo Presents World Lounge".  The open track is Jasmon with the song "Dimdanana" and the closing song is Hamid Baroudi with the song "Trance Dance".  This album is available at Putumayo.com and other retailers.


In this episode I talk about the idea of tolerance and what it's place is.  Also I talk about why I think morals and ethics should be discussed more in Paganism and tell you about my own views on morality.

The music for this show comes from the cd "Putumayo Presents SAMBA BOSSA NOVA" from Putumayo World Music which can be purchased at www.putumayo.com, from Amazon.com or your local retailer.

The opening song is "E Luxo So" by Rosa Passos

The closing song is "Papo de Psicologo" by Jairzinho Oliveira


In this episode I talk about the Wiccan conception of reincarnation and how it is derived from the Hindu concept.  Also I tell you what I was taught concerning reincarnation and the afterlife when I became a Pagan and what I believe now.  Ancestors are a big part of my spiritual belief and I tell you what I mean by ancestor and how I view them.


In this episode I talk about the common problems of procrastination, distraction and frustration that I experience in my spiritual life.  I also talk about some ideas that I have found helpful in combating everyday distraction.  Their are comments and email to talk about as well.


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