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Oni was away this episode, so Erin and I have a meandering (I do most of the meandering) conversation about friendship, coming out to friends and family about Paganism and the difficulties of meeting new people as you get older (at least for me). It is a long episode, so no music this time. It is a bit different from a regular show but we hope you like it.

In this episode Erin, Oni and I sit down to talk about the paranormal as entertainment. We discuss "reality TV", movies and our thoughts about it all, the good, the bad and the very, very bad. 

Opening song: "Sore" by Diogal, from Putumayo presents "Acoustic Africa"
Closing song: "Mayihlome" by Sibongile Khumalo, from Putumayo presents "Women of Africa"

This episode originally aired on Feb 10, 2009. It is being re-uploaded to iTunes.

In this episode I talk about living your values in your everyday life. I tell some personal stories on that topic and I'm joined in the second half of the show by Oni. This is her first appearance on PST.

This episode originally aired Feb 2, 2009. It is being re-uploaded to iTunes.

In this episode I talk about Pagan leadership from my own perspective as someone who has led a coven, study group and Pagan festival. What makes a good leader, what skills do you need to be successful. Also how can group members help make their leaders more successful and efficient.

This episode originally aired Jan 23, 2009. It is being re-uploaded to iTunes.

In this episode I talk about the recent departure of Deo formerly of Deo's Shadow podcast from the Pagan community and the podcasting world. Also I talk about Deo's change to atheism and how that relates to the larger issue of the nature of belief. What does belief or faith require and how is it created? I talk some about that as well.

This episode originally aired Jan 11, 2009. It is being re-uploaded to iTunes.

In this episode of talk about the necessity and uses of adversity in one's spiritual life.

This episode was corrupted on iTunes so it's being reloaded.

Hello everyone I'm back with a new episode for a new year! On this show you will hear a conversation between me, Oni and our friend Erin who is new to the show. You will hear a little about what Oni has been up to as well as get to know Erin some. Then we talk about today's topic; Coven or solitary pagan lifestyle, thoughts, experiences and opinions. 

Erin's website: www.lostreach.com

Richmond Urban Pagan Church (RUPC) on Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/RichmondUrbanPaganChurch/

Today's music is from: Putumayo presents Music from the Coffee Lands 

opening song: "kothbiro"
closing song: "esa noche"

Here is a reload of episode 2. Oni and I talk about Yule, Christmas from our childhood and some about what we do now. Enjoy.

This is a reload of my first episode recorded in December 2008.  There is no music yet as I had not learned how to include it. I talk about my feelings on the word Pagan, who is a Pagan and what does that mean.  Enjoy.

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