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Hail and well met, my name is Kveldrida.  I began Pagan Spirituality Today pod cast in December of 2008 at the insistence of a friend and my wife Oni.  It is true I tend to have strong opinions on things and it seemed to me at that time the opinions that I hold were not represented in the Pagan pod sphere.  My goal for the show has been to express views outside of the mainstream, views that you are not going to here elsewhere, this remains my intent today.  I feel that the true open nature of Paganism is not always well represented with many shows and blogs giving the same basic information over and over again.  To that end, my show is more about my personal experiences, thoughts and ideas about what Paganism is, what it can be and where it might go in the future. I have been a practicing Pagan since 1989 and I have studied many traditions and paths along the way.  Over the course of my journey I have learned that traditions in and of themselves are of no real value if they don't resonate with you.  Which is not to say any one person should decide what is good for another person but, each person should decide what is right for themselves.  Following a path teaches many things and can be either an important part of one's journey or become the journey itself. You need to explore the Pagan universe and decide for yourself.  Pagan Spirituality Today exists to add yet another voice, one more personal exploration of the Pagan lifestyle.  My sincerest hope is that it will aid you on your path of self discovery.

Feel free to email me at paganspiritualitytoday@gmail.com